A publication exploring the analogy between architectural detail and natural detail

come see!

new workshop project enlarging into overlooked details

Sketches from the stables 
11.27.13 /15:38/ 2

Volcano exploring- my trip up to el Teide

Work for O3 Gallery in Oxford. Designing an illustrative venue hire sign for in situ in the gallery and a pdf brochure for prospective clients.

The Jam Factory mural and drawing design. Check out my website for more photos…





As of March, I’ve been assisting the Arts Development Director at the Jam Factory in Oxford. But now it’s come to an end and before I leave, I am artist in residence adapting one of my drawings into the Jam’s entrance space.

More photos to come soon!

02.05.13 /14:05
Ackerstrasse, Berlin Mauer.
02.01.13 /12:42
some sketchbook type
12.11.12 /06:34/ 1
Me in Leipzig
12.06.12 /14:34/ 1
Canvas  by  andbamnan